Chocolate Coconut 斯佩尔特野麦胚芽松饼-椰丝巧克力口味

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Soft Baked Sprouted Spelt Cookies - Chocolate Coconut. Made in Canada with 72% organic ingredients. 斯佩尔特野麦胚芽松饼 - 椰丝黑巧克力。加拿大制造,含有 72% 的有机成分

    LOW SUGAR: Prepared with sprouted grains, these cookies deliver a power pack of energy and help maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Healthy sugar levels help your body maintain the right energy levels to get you through your activities.
    EASY TO DIGEST: Sprouting grains unlocks nutrients that also make these cookies more absorbable by our bodies. Our cookies are also easy to digest, allowing your body to easily process our healthy snack.
    DELICIOUS & WHOLESOME: We use wholesome natural ingredients in our cookies. These are not only healthy but also delicious. Choose from chocolate coconut, cranberry orange, crunchy ginger, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter chocolate cookie flavors.
    HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: If you are not happy with our cookies, we will offer a prompt and courteous refund.
    MADE IN CANADA: We make our cookies in British Columbia, Canada using high quality domestic and imported ingredients. Our cookies are plant based, non-GMO, made with 72% organic ingredients and are naturally sprouted.

    单片装40克/片x 12片/ 盒
    斯佩尔特野麦胚芽松饼 - 椰丝黑巧克力。加拿大制造,含有 72% 的有机成分。

    美味且有益健康:使用有益健康的天然成分,使斯佩尔特野麦胚芽松饼不仅健康且美味。 有多种口味可选择:椰丝巧克力、橘皮蔓越莓、姜味瓜籽仁、燕麦葡萄干和花生巧克力。
    加拿大制造:我们的斯佩尔特野麦胚芽松饼在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省制作,使用天然高品质的原料制作。 产品是有机、植物性、非转基因,且不含反式脂肪酸、白糖、蔗糖、黄油、起酥油。
    Ingredients: sprouted spelt flour*, coconut sugar*, dates, water, semi-sweet chocolate chip (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), coconut oil*, sunflower oil*, oat flour*, quick oats*, white chia*, desiccated coconut*, cocoa powder, flaxseeds, baking soda. *Organic 成分:斯佩尔特野麦胚芽面粉*、初椰糖*、椰枣、水、黑巧克力、椰子油*、葵花籽油*、燕麦面粉*、即食燕麦*、奇亚籽*、椰丝*、可可粉、亚麻籽、小苏打粉。 (*为有机认证成份)
  • Made Super-Delicious with Natural Ingredients

    • Lower-Sugar

    • Plant-Based

    • Non-GMO

    • Naturally Sprouted

    Because Ingredients Matter

    All of our products are baked with the freshest wholesome and nutritious NON GMO ingredients. Most ingredients are certified organic and are sourced in Canada whenever possible.