We make snacking a part of your healthy lifestyle

Why use sprouted spelt?

Spelt is known as an ancient grain that is widely tolerated in wheat sensitive individuals. Sprouting spelt further breaks down the gluten and makes a more easily digested product. Sprouting triggers the enzymatic process which makes the macronutrients as well as the vitamin and mineral content of spelt more available to nourish your body.

Are your products organic?

All of our cookies contain between 65% and 83% certified organic ingredients. We are certified by Pro-Cert Canada.

Are your products vegan?


Do your products contain GMOs?

Our products are all NON GMO Project verified which means that each and every ingredient is certified to be GMO free,

How about the sugar content?

Our cookies have much less sugar content than other brands. We use organic coconut sugar and dates as sweeteners. Only 4 to 6 grams per 22 gram cookie!